CarolBrass Hawaii is a Hawaii based dealer for the fine instruments of CarolBrass.


We carry a large selection of Bb Trumpets, also C Trumpets, Piccolo Trumpets, Pocket Trumpets, Flugelhorns, and Cornets.


CarolBrass: Excellent Quality

Superb craftsmanship, attention to the smallest detail, and consistently build a solid horn.

Outstanding performance, equal to or better than many of the higher priced name brand instruments.

Hoxon Gakki Corporation of Taiwan began as a small family business in 1989. Gradually increasing in size and production over the years, they have maintained their original small business work ethic and commitment to quality while still supplying various manufacturers with top flight instruments and parts.


in CarolBrass products: Stainless prevents oxidation that leads to both valve sticking and wear, but since it is a harder metal it is more difficult to work with and get consistently accurate results. This manufacturer invested in the computerized design and machining processes necessary to successfully produce close tolerance stainless valves since the company’s inception in 1989. Over 20 years of success has proven this design superior in reliability and longevity to virtually all others. What this means to us as players is that the valves not only operate wonderfully well, but combined with their well thought out leadpipe designs and overall solid build quality CarolBrass trumpets and flugelhorns provide the ultimate in slotting and extreme register control.